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2020 US Presidential Election

Despair V99999999999999999 @ithurts commented on 2020 US Presidential Election
Despair V99999999999999999 @ithurts
Aug 14, 20 at 9:50am
This account has been suspended.

I dont want either trump nor biden but if i had to pick it woukd be trump. Biden will ruin us...but trump will send the nation into chaos which we can recover from after his term


Im not voting cause.....well just beacuse


Whomever wins or loses. You bet your ass that I'm making fun of the losers


Aleph for president.


Mahuri for Minister of Shining my boots

Aug 14, 20 at 2:36pm

Waiting for the debates so I can get a good idea/view of Biden. I've watched a few of Trumps speeches this year and he's made good points that I agree with. Waiting to hear Biden's before I throw my lot in with any of them.


And just because of that comment I'm gonna send Heydar to the White House.


Its between a fascist sex offender with dementia, and a war criminal sex offender with dementia. Ultimitely it comes down to who has the better team, and lets face it. Isn't it strange how many "Cheaters" and "liars" that dude deligated authority to? Gotta go with Biden on this one. Plus I live in a swing state, so I really can't go third party.


I'm going to summarize the two abominations running for office in one sentence each.

Typical neo-liberal corporate democrat.

Very stable neo-fascist genius.

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