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Everything that transpires will have both something positive and something negative in the overall outcome. Although it might not always be easy to see the positive outcome straight away, try to avoid having strong regrets about awkward situations which brought you trouble, and trust that the universe is allowing these things to happen for a reason to eventually make things better for you rather than worse later down the road.
(I hope that made sense.)


Stand up for yourself and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You're the only person you have to rely on in the end and if you hate yourself that badly, then you are doing something wrong and need to change that. Take care of yourself first and foremost and never let people bring you down or control you. No matter how easy it is to let them, speak up if you disagree or just rebel.

This account has been suspended.
This account has been suspended.
Dec 11, 17 at 6:11pm

Don’t lose myself over things I can’t change. I have a tendency to get swallowed up by hopelessness and despair when I start losing control of bits of my life and never take it well. I develop unhealthy habits

Dec 12, 17 at 8:02am

Success is a mindset, and You can only be defeated/fail if you give-up or if you die. No plan goes as planned, So you always prepare for worst-case scenario; by being ready to adapt and overcome the adversity that might potentially come, but also you must come to terms with the bad.

When I wake up I accept and expect to meet good people, but also bad people, people who will help me, and people who will try to cheat me or become my adversary.

To quote marcus aurelius;

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

As I always tell myself; "Losers give up, Winners die before they do."

Dec 20, 17 at 5:42am

Insight, persistence, resilience, empathy, wisdom, courage, effectiveness, activity, clarity, intuitionsin , positivity, creativity, openness, intimacy sometimes, honesty, impartiality, spontaneity, and fun much of the time, authenticity - these are the real keys to self-development and success in life and relationships. It takes time for this growth and gaining positive habits so patience is valuable too.皆さん,がんばって!

Dec 20, 17 at 5:46am

Boats and hoes is a way to go.

Nah, just messing around. I'd say that don't rely on another to keep you happy. If you can't be happy alone, what the fuck are you going to do when they leave? Be sad? Cry? They left. They gave up on you. Depression is tough, I know that. Take a little time to put yourself together but don't give up on yourself just because others gave up on you. You're worth more than that, more than you think.

Dec 20, 17 at 6:38am

If something feels slow or tedious to you, you're probably doing it wrong, not in my opinion, but for yourself as a person. Many things you do in life should be in your "style" if that makes sense. I myself don't like wasting time with tedious or pointless things, or certain necessities of life, so I do them quickly and efficiently or not at all. If I feel like I'm wasting my time or spending too much time on one thing, it feels off.

Dec 20, 17 at 7:46am

Some other things methinks I've learned is expect the worst, hope for the best.

Persistence is key, but there is often a difference between whether you're being a fool or just not giving up; don't waste your time doing something that is unfeasible.

If you're unconsciously testing people, make sure to be aware of it as soon as possible, and either stop it, or wait to see the results, from what I've seen, especially for me; "testing" someone is your personality holding out a mesh, those not compatible with you will leave you, or you yourself will lose interest and distance yourself from them. Often times I forget to be aware and fuck things up, other times I know they will fail these tests and likely leave my life on their own due to said tests, or because I know I will fail their tests with my tests, it's an interesting battle.

Women and men, are both fickle, especially if intelligent or grown up in a certain environment; don't think lowly of yourself if someone is disinterested in you.

If you feel like someone likes you but they keep dumping you, you either need to change something or may have already fucked up big time.

Give everyone a chance even if you have trust issues or something similar, you'll regret not doing so.

Being passionate about something is not the same as working hard towards what you're passionate about, don't just think but do, or else you'll be frustrated with yourself because you're getting nothing done and only fantasizing about getting something done.

If you fall for someone be blunt about it in whichever way your personality will make it obvious, don't imitate a smooth talker from your favorite show, be a smooth talker in your own way. The longer you hide your feelings the more complicated things will get. There are plenty of ways to give someone hints, and besides a lot of people now a days will assume you like them just because you're chummy or nice to them, especially if you're male in my experience; it seems to vary among the other person on how you will go about avoiding misunderstandings.

If you try to clear up a misunderstanding with someone and they're still being a cunt about it or butthurt, almost ignoring you trying to reason with them, they are either batshit crazy or super illogical/emotional at the time, don't waste your breath for you have likely failed a major "test" they have given you, or you know they're just fucking crazy/have an immature personality.

If you feel like a community is ignoring your work, for example if you're posting on forums or a streamer, persist/work hard and they will eventually give notice, and consider that they saw it but didn't "heart or like it," not everyone has a habit of showing reaction on social media. Given the nature of humanity they are likely trying to get attention for themselves or focused on someone else, many people tend to be one track minded.

If you feel ignored in a conversation or big group of people, it is likely because your feeling of being lonely is perpetuating itself and thus you are less social and outgoing, in other words you're refusing to stick out because you're convinced you wont stick out. Also note that many people are one track minded or cannot even multi task something as simple as talking.

^Relating to above, if your personality allows a great thing for you to do is say for these people if you heard their ignored statement "Excuse me, did you say something?; What were you saying?; What? (Persons name);" etc etc. You're putting attention on them and will generally affect their psyche positively this way. If you are particularly empathetic you will likely notice when someone feels left out and try to pull them in. Do not do this obnoxiously and find a good subtlety about it, and also have a good eye to not do this when the said being left out isn't actually occurring, you'll look like a cunt and or irritate an individual or more involved.

When you talk to someone about something you're passionate about, some people will assume you're antagonizing them or look down on them because many people when teaching things, will assume the student knows nothing. Make sure to avoid this misunderstanding, however it is hard to tell if you are triggering someone by doing this. Generally those with a good personality will not feel this way when you assume they know nothing, but may let you know they already knew some things.
Knowitalls will pull facts out of their ass or act offended if you do this as well.

An interesting reasoning I found when people break up with you early, is a lack of balance in how you both went about things or a major misunderstanding, a simple example would be someone breaks up with you because you didn't get intimate with them right away, or vice versa, they will break up with you because you got intimate too fast. (When dating do not treat everyone the same as previous.)

^ Relating to above, do not treat everyone the same, individuals are individuals for a reason, people will likely appreciate it more if you act/interact with them on a personal/individual level rather than the same way you have with previous people. For example as an empathetic person some things I would do is try to relate with them or have feels time almost like a counselor meeting(but much different), use a certain humor around them, or do different things with them; all depending on who it is. With groups you have to find a balance of what everyone likes, but if there's a group of you, you likely all have a bunch in common anyways. In other words be adaptive in your social life and know that this isn't being "Fake" as long as you're just utilizing different parts of your personality, or have a very adaptive personality. As long as you're genuine I think being adaptive with people is super effective in social situations.

Exercise and meditation is legit, and not hippy shit; and helps with A LOT. Stay healthy my friends.

Dieting is super overkill unless you have health problems that affect your diet, stay healthy my friends. (Main point here is find balance, do not fall into the clutches of anorexia or the like)
Your diet matters, but just focus on what's good for you and be well informed about what you like to eat/drink. Research, and stay healthy my friends.

^ Relating to a lot of the above, avoid being obsessive over things and be more laidback/carefree, do not grow complacent however.
This can help with a lot, especially stress.

^ Relating to a lot of the above, being healthy/taking care of yourself is attractive to most sane humans, stay healthy my friends.
For example if somebody loves/cares about you, they will continue to love/care about you because there is less to worry about.
An example of this concept is Descendants of the Sun Kdrama, the doctor kept dumping the soldier/felt super conflicted about who she loved because she felt she would be too worried about him dying or something bad happening half the time.

If you're stubborn/patient in a romantic way, it is probably best to find someone that is also stubborn in a romantic way.
It works out and IMO lovers willing to wait for each other is super romantic/great, and shows attractive perseverance and faithfulness.
This point relates to friends as well, not just lovers. Trust and patience, communication is key in relationships.
If two people wait for each other or anticipate each other, their paths will likely intersect more often.
^ At this point I'm too tired and shit might sound jumbled or complicated; probably already does.

If you are crushing,love,care about someone, etc. and they seem to leave/vanish from your life, do not burn the bridge and give up, they might just need space or time with those they already know and trust, though they may be interested, don't give up and occasionally try with them again. You'll likely be surprised to find that they'll respond or return, though it may require you to make the first move.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized." -Sun Tzu
Don't throw away opportunities, and just seize them, or else you may find yourself in a position within life where they are limited. You will lack options and be trapped, in a way. It is much better to give yourself more options, no? A bad example is even if you're nervous, the opportunity is probably there to get a friendship or romantic interest to be interested in you; don't assume you will fail or nothing will come of you going for it.

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