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Unpopular opinions

Social progress in the US is just a large scale method of distracting from larger issues and topics that the world should be paying attention too. Its important, but not as important as people running around with their pride flags try to make it out to be.
Jul 17, 15 at 7:10pm
Ban alcohol Free healthcare Free tuition for public, higher education, but higher requirements to get in Ban Marijuana I fully support gays and transgender, but gender fluidity is freaking stupid. Cuddling is uncomfortable People who are into siscon have a real problem in their heads If people let the media think for them, they lose 50% of the respect I have for them People who overdramatize their problems annoy me People who get offended at anything anyone says should just isolate themselves People who argue by using insults The only people who should be annoyingly clingy are kids, because they're kids If you use japanese in your english as your actual dialect, get real Extremists of any kind People who think all cops are bad piss me off and will lose around 30% of my respect
I hate tomatoes and bell peppers(just the fruit) so get over it fellow Italians!
This account has been suspended.
I love Pop music. I sing "All About That Bass" at the gym. Death Metal is for Church-Burning Satanic Scandinavians
Jul 17, 15 at 11:00pm
@darkhorse, gotta agree, lol, as a church-burning metal loving half Finnish, half spanish girl. You're not wrong. ^^ I really hate ketchup and I also hate tuna. That's pretty much it.
Jul 17, 15 at 11:28pm
I find that Trance music is the best kind of music.
Jul 17, 15 at 11:52pm
Jul 17, 15 at 11:57pm
-Attack on titans the anime is over rated and the manga is much better. -spoiling anime's for people who have not read the manga. -Sword Art Online season one and two both suck. -Naruto is just a copy of Dragon Ball -Bleach is better then Naruto.
Gyms are for gay guys and probably gay guys. I should know (looks over at Fancy)- just kidding babe! But seriously, if you are married and your husband is working out, he's either 1) Gay, or 2) Cheating on you. Married men give up caring about their bodies.
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