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ACEN thread

May 20, 23 at 2:25pm
Post about acen here ig
Of course Tje ACEN or Asociacion de Contratistas Electricos del Noroeste A.C. (Northwest Electrical Contractors Association) is an assoiation responisble about improving the work conditions and creating opportunities for the electrical contractors lcoated in the Northwest region of Mexico. At the end of the 90s, engineers Jorge Anastas Jurado and Eduardo Mariscal Hay, being members of the American organization NECA, tried to open a chapter in our city, summoning the main electrical contractors in the region. Its objective was always to bring together the electrical manufacturers of the Northeast, seeking the improvement and professionalization of the union. Claudio Villarreal Garza, Francisco Acevedo Ramos, Gerardo Maltos Villarreal, Ignacio De Zamacona Paul, Lino A. Peña Silva, Pedro Salazar Fuentes, Roberto Leal Gomez and Rodolfo Gaytán Villarreal, were summoned by those mentioned and thus was the birth of the Contractors Association Northeast Electrics. The path that I took at the beginning was to follow and align ourselves with the American organization and so we worked for a few years, achieving training events with instructors recognized by them. By establishing ourselves as a legally established organization, we elaborated the statute that governs us, and we increased the number of partners and we achieved recognition in the media. Today, over 20 years, we have consolidated positioning ourselves as a solid institution with extensive participation in the electrical environment. -Mr Rogers
May 20, 23 at 9:06pm
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