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My Pokémon CG

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oDTDZE9dgQ Inspired by Blake Thoennes's Pokémon TCG Card Game Simulator, My Pokémon CG is my version of the game with custom cards as well as my favorite ones. Relive the best battles or catch up for the first time! The game comes with a deck generator that you can use to build your own decks to play with (and against). I hope you enjoy it and make it your own! Link: https://complete-control.itch.io/mypokmoncg
https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzExNTM2MDI3LmpwZw==/original/Pb4Uy1.jpg Check out the game at https://complete-control.itch.io/mypokmoncg Feedback is appreciated!
We need like... an incredibly broken Koffing/Weezing card in there. Fan made of course. No way a "Ultra Mega Weezing disguised as a normal Galarian Weezing EX GX plus" exists LOL
I have a decent amount of poison effects in the game. Nothing too broken though.
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