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Goodbye Eshop

At the end of this month the Nintendo Wii U and 3Ds shop will no Longer supported and we will not be able to buy games at least thats what I hear. Do you have any reccomendations? Im gonna buy Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby cause I loved the gba versions, also considering Black and White cause the music from what I heard SLAPS. What about you guys?
Mar 07, 23 at 6:50pm
Best bet is to jailbreak the thing, I used to know a method back in the day for the 1.1.4 firmware update.
True, im only buying it if I can do Online pvp with some buds. Otherwise id try to emulate it but idk where to get 3ds ISOs
May 28, 23 at 5:48am
I've bought a lot of Eshop games when it was announced and through out the year until then.
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