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Im doing ok, just fyi

i am doing ok, Please stop sending me ban requests. the other moderators have a job to do, that is not up to me as I quit for the time being. I am going to deactivate again sometime today. my Direct Messages are open for friends and peeps I have messaged before even if the account is deactivated. if you wish to talk feel free to do so, i will not fulfill ban requests, i do not want to message the administrator for you but if its EXTREME then fine but i think it will be faster if you message someone else more active as I'm taking a break from all of that for my mental health. I am doing well, catechism is going great, in a couple of months ill have $0.000 USD debt in my name. i am having a lucky streak on everything but my career right now. but im doing ok EDIT. figures AFTER I leave, the admin puts in a new line feature finally XDDD
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