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Who’s your favourite character?

You have to explain why that person or thing is your favourite character, and which anime they are from. Mine is Hunter x Hunter and the character is Killua. I love him because he is a good friend to Gon, and is just a complete bad ass.
Red impos- uh, I almost fucked up. Jokes aside, I have a few I can't chose from I'll just let them all kill each other in a battle Royale, and whoever is left is my favorite. So list of our, and by extension, *my* contestants: Crowley Eusford from Owari no Seraph. Russia from Hetalia. Germany from Hetalia. Johan Liebert from Monster. Perfect Cell from DBZ. Escanor from 7 Deadly Sins. Laito Sakamaki from Diabolik lovers, Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on ice. (What's he gonna do? Ice skate to death?). They're all fairly badass except for Yuri and Laito. Johan is a literal massacre on his own. I mean he could probably talk Light Yagami into writing his own name in the deathnote. The only anime antagonist I know without powers who could match up to those who do. Ultimately would come down to Crowley, and Cell. Crowley would probably win that.
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