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Hello, my name is Hex and I have come here from a Yandere forum to find another Yandere such as myself. I'm a Soft Yandere Male seeking a preferably more average to extreme Yandere Girlfriend. I will only accept someone who is a genuine and true Yandere whether they are Soft, Average or Extreme. I'm not into guro though, it's the obsessive and possessive tendencies that I refer to when I say Soft or Extreme. I'm new here and have no idea what I am doing XD, but hopefully I will find my love.
May 17, 22 at 3:51pm
whats sup Hex
God daymn ma dude right to the point here XD. Good luvk to you ma man.
May 17, 22 at 3:58pm
am soo bored -_-
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