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Empicca's Territory

Decided to make my own thread because I am tired of switching from one thread to another to post stuff, also my friends already did the same, so why not? Plus I'm feeling a bit impulsive right now. Also, it's to avoid many unnecessary posts on my wall. Hkhk. All my mess will be here - memes, IRL photos, song suggestions, anime-related stuff, random thoughts, etc. etc. If you ever come across my thread and it bothers you, feel free to unfriend/block me and to block this thread as well. Arigatou! \(★ω★)/ https://c.tenor.com/B1lPdYsaZC8AAAAC/nekopara-evil-laugh.gif https://c.tenor.com/uhINUojT_HgAAAAC/elaina-throne.gif
It's already May 9 here in PH. Means it's Election Day. This is my first time voting without my father here. He works for the Commission on Elections and was assigned to another place. My brother and I will go to the voting area around 6AM and go for a drive after with cousins. Praying for a peaceful election. https://youtu.be/ozzm-1ZdO1U
[Favorite song atm] https://youtu.be/8ZR63c_R8IQ
Will watch Mulan before I sleep. UwU https://youtu.be/TVcLIfSC4OE
Well i guess this is where we will find all the memes later? UwU. I mean you could throw the, all in here to archive them XDDDD
This thread is anti-pervert xD
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