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Any addicting game recommendations?


Bored looking for any addicting games to sink tons of hours in lemme know if you have any ideas thankss


-XCOM Enemy Unknown/XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Civilization V (haven't played much of 6 so idk about it), Total War: Warhammer games (other Total War games as well) if you like strategy games. Have heard Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are great but haven't tried them myself.

-Factorio or Satisfactory if you like base building/management games. RimWorld is supposed to be great as well but haven't tried it out.

-Any of the main Fallout/Elder Scroll games if you like messing around in an open world rpg and also like modding the hell out of games.

-Stardew Valley for a comfy farming sim with some minor combat and romance elements.

-Elite Dangerous if you like messing around in a space sim either via combat, becoming a trader, space Uber, miner or just exploring.

-FFXIV if you like MMORPGs.

-Dragon's Dogma if you like ARPGs.

-Wasteland 2 (haven't played 3 but should be good as well), UnderRail or Divinity Original Sin 2 if you like CRPGs.

-The Witcher 3 if you like Action/Adventure games.

-Subnautica if you like the idea of an underwater sci-fi survival game.

-Company of Heroes 2, Dawn of War or Sins of a Solar Empire if you like RTS games.

These should all be a good time sink if you end up enjoying them.


What systems do you have? And what are some of your current favorite games. I could reccomend tons, but it's best to narrow suggestions down to the person.

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