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What's your video game CV?


What's your types, mediums, setup and style of interest?


So I have a super console x for playing mostly ps1 games. I have a ps3 for disc games, mostly GT6, LBP, EA MMA and Singstar. I play sega emus and MTGO on my laptop. I have a second laptop for steam indie. In the process of getting a DS Lite, Switch Lite, Xbox 360 and Amiga Mini.

Games of Interest: Warzone: Mutant Chronicles (and resurrection and eternal and 3rd ed. rpg), Durance RPG, Warhammer 40k, 40k Epic, 40k Blood Bowl, 40k Necromunda, Magic: the Gathering, Rage (CCG), Vampire: the masquerade, Confrontation: the Age of RagNarok, Sega Master System, SNES, Sega Megadrive (Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Another World, Skitchin, Gynoug, Gain Ground, Altered Beast, Marble Madness, Rambo 3, Ghouls and Ghosts, California Games, Earthworm Jim), PSOne (Skullmonkeys, Discworld 2, Wipeout, Destruction Derby, Kula World, Kileak series, Tenchu, Syphon Filter 1/2, Loaded, Skullmonkeys, Battle Arena Toshinden), Indie games (Fez, Super Meat Boy, Road Redemption, Limbo, Osmos, Hacker Evolution: Untold, Solforge, Godus, Firewatch, games by Neostream, Twisted Pixel, Might and Delight, Triband, SloClap, Sensible Software, Semisecret Software, Bitmap Bros, Wishfully, Do My Best, Die Gut Fabrik, Foddy, Richard Hoffmeier, Messhof, Neverjam, Davey Wreden), Classic PC gaming (The Sims, Close Combat, Plants Vs Zombies, Age of Empires, Grim Fandango, Neverhood, Atomic Swarm, Crimsonland, Atomic Pongling.)

games I like to write:

I have a problem with open world sandboxes - I love sandboxes the immersive nature and creative stimulation. but massive open worlds are an issue for me, I get bored and feel like they're just too big...

look at myst vs shadowman vs tomb raider (2013 - handholding)

and eve online, no man's sky (an exception somewhat because they've dealt with the core issue or at least tried to), spore (original concept - was awesome because the mechanics were as big as the world was going to be)

and homeworld, X4 vs you are god/universim/crest

favourite types of games to design:

Sims, God games, scifi sports games incl. racers, precision platformers, sweeping epic stories I can write (3rd person shooter adventure or 2d isometric adventure and rpgs), rulebooks or a thick set of rules – though for me it’s about the mechanics and finding the sweet spot between the player having no clue what to do in a completely open system; where it only looks like you could do literally anything with no guide or intrinsic intuit-able journey – and (I do hate these) hand-holding mechanisms.

When I started writing a rulebook for an rpg as a teenager, (my first written game design documentation) it began with the characters, then I started making up cool and relevant features/abilities. But it was in the mechanics where I found the best part; how the character operates in my world. And how the characters interact with each other and the environment.

Of course I love digital trading card games, digital miniature wargames (like Blood Bowl), indie MMOs (like 8bitmmo by Robby Zinchak), Hybrids, slice-of-life drama strategy games (because life has infinite possibilities, so lots of inspiration.)

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