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Trying to make some new Friends


So ive been feeling left out and lonely recently and seem to feel stuck as non of my current friends really do anything anymore so ive decided to try and meet new people and try to make new friends. If anyone would be interested in getting to know me or hang out and play stuff sometime hit me up and we can see what happens. Hopefully some people who are from the UK too like me
Hey up everyone, here's a few things about me.
I enjoy gaming, watching anime reading manga and going to Cons.
I enjoy chatting to people, especially if they share interests with me. Im here because I would like to meet new people who share my interests.
So don't be shy and come talk to me, I wont bite XD
Id really like to make some new friends mainly and have a fun time, hopefully make some friends to meet IRL too but see what happens :)

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