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One Piece Wano Arc (anime only up to date no spoilers)


Everybody get TALKING about it! You might see me in the replies here and there. Just wanna hear all of your thoughts on the most recent episodes and the arc in general. I am very looking forward to the upcoming episodes now that we're past the flashback. Can't wait to see where it goes :)


Yeah. I liked the plot revealed by the flashback, but I'm so glad it's finally back to the present. I've been waiting for the fight against Kaido for a long time. I'm curious to see Luffy use the new haki ability, and see Zoro use the Enma Blade to it's full potential. Can they actually beat Kaido and Big Mom ? Are the Pirates of the Worst Generation still no match? I want to know.


Dude! Jimbei finally joined the Straw Hat Pirates as an official member of the crew. For a second, I thought they had forgotten about him agreeing to become a crew member. I feel much better about the fight with Big Mom and Kaido with Jimbei helping out.


I'm so excited about the next episode! We finally get to see Luffy fight some strong opponents after learning Ryuo. I'm really curious how strong he is now. Maybe we even get to see a new fighting style? I can't wait :)

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