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I miss Anime Cons


Man... I miss Anime Cons so much. Not just regular cons but like anime cons in particular. The last one I went to was LVL Up Expo in 2019. Had I had the power of foresight I would have gone to the one early 2020 cause that was probably the last ever con in Vegas before this mess started. Any fond Anime Con memories?


I miss them too! The last one I went to was FanExpo Canada 2019. The one which was supposed to happen in 2020 got cancelled and the one which is supposed to happen this year will probably be cancelled too, because my country's Prime Minister is being a real fuck-up with choosing and distributing vaccines. He chose the most unsafe brands first and it's going to be ages before he finally decides to take a chance on the most safest one, since apparently political agendas are more important than people's lives.

Anyways, yeah, a few days ago there's already been official word than AnimeNorth 2021 is 100% cancelled for sure. (Which is another con that I attend.)

I have tons of fond memories along with a few awkward and/or depressing memories too.
At least I'm fortunate enough to say that I already had some opportunities to make memories and experience things before this disaster robbed everyone of all their opportunities.
At least I was able to cosplay 2 characters already, instead of none at all.
Need to count my blessings, I guess.

2020 would've been the year that I finally got to cosplay an actual Jedi Knight after so many years of dreaming and planning and preparing and budgeting for it. I actually got my lightsaber literally 1 or 2 weeks before the local authorities announced the first ever Covid lockdown for my area.


I got lucky and went to Katsu 2020, which was one of the last cons. Had a big scare when ingot home though because my mom had just come home and went through the airport that The Thing had first come in contact with. Planning on going Otakon and competing, but I am getting nervous because I don't have an income, but I am attending university, so I really shouldn't be spending money anyway. To answer your question, there is one story I always like to tell. I cosplayed as Powerline/Max from the Goofy Movie and this woman just absolutely went nuts. The definition of fangasm. It wasn't even that good of a cosplay. IMO. (I have a pic of him in my profile. Look for little yellow. I might have the pompadour wig selfie there too)

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