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Crying over Killing Stalking


Ok so I finished reading KS a few days ago and I'm just- I've cried for days. I'm a few years behind and I knew that Sangwoo dies but I wasn't ready. I wanted him to stay alive. The way it ended hit me like- I'm happy everytime I see pictures of Sangwoo and Bum but when I remember that he's dead I start crying like a child. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never reacted like this before. The whole story is just so dark, with Sangwoo's and Bum's childhood. I really like Sangwoo and I feel so sorry for him. It's all because of his parents that Sangwoo became who he was. He deserved so much better. I don't know which topic to put this in, I feel like this is both serious talk, random chatter and anime/manga/manwha discussion. Anyone here read KS? How did you react do it? I never felt this sad after reading any manga/manwha or watched anime.

Of course I care for Yoon Bum too. I could write a whole novel about KS. I just had to share my sadness. If anyone want to discuss KS hmu~

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