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How to convince myself to end it all


I think you should meet a therapist. They're full of ideas.


@imsin you have a great friend. don't abandon her



I'm sure your life isn't easy. However, she cares about you. Stick by her


So anyone got any real ideas.


IDK, not my problem


Waiting for someone to save me but everyone just runs away
Waiting for someone to change me but no one ever comes
I'm breaking down the walls that cage me but nothing ever falls in place
Waiting for the end to take me, blinded by the sun
All the ghosts that live inside me always waiting in the wind
I can see through my reflection, what I've become and what I've been
You see, your Heaven doesn't want me and your Hell won't let me in
It's like I'm holding all the aces but I know I'll never win


@imsin Lashing out at people really doesn’t help bro, when we actually talked you seemed really cool. Being a dick is just going to push people away, especially threats.

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