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Sargon's Brazilian Dub Translation thread


I am itching to do these since I have plenty of free time after my studies.

I will start by a scene/fight I've posted over and over in the threads of this site:

Rhadamanthys: That's the stairway to the underworld... no one can walk in it without the protection of Lord Hades. I see you remain alive, you are persistent like rats. The Gold Saints are gone. Do you really want to follow their example? To die such a shameful way they did? It's a shame, because I've heard the Gold Saints were the strongest. Know that the Saints of Leo, Scorpio and Aries couldn't even scratch me before they died. Return to the Sanctuary... to pray for the innocent souls that died uselessly... it's the best you'll do!
Shiryu: Pathetically? You are insulting the men who swallowed their pride and preferred to be labeled as traitors and died fighting for a noble cause.
Shun: Men that have sacrificed themselves... that also protected and guided us!
Hyoga: You can even say anything about us, Rhadamanthys. But I will not tolerate insults to the Gold Saints, you bastard!
Rhadamanthys: Oh, won't tolerate insults? Why do you worry, boy? All the Gold Saints are dead.
Seiya: We are still here. We that inherited the will and honor of the Gold Saints. We will destroy you! Pegasus Meteor! Huh?
Rhadamanthys: You can only run around. Like kids.
Seiya: It's your turn...
Rhadamanthys: What?
Seiya: Prepare yourself, because now is the time...! Pegasus Meteor!
Rhadamanthys: That's enough, lad. WHAT!?
Rhadamanthys: How dare you scratch my Surplice, you brat? I'll tear off your head, I'll kill you!! You'll regret being that much weak...
Shun: Nebula Chain!
Shiryu: Rozan Shō Ryū Ha!
Hyoga: Aurora Thunder Attack!
Rhadamanthys: Greatest Caution!

Seiya: You will never win against us... we are the Saints of Athena! Pegasus Comet!
Rhadamanthys: This can't be! I can't believe you could strike me! I am one of the Three Great Judges of Hell, I won't admit this! You will pay dearly for that. Greatest Caution!
Seiya: I'll show you... the strength of Athena's Saints!
Seiya: This... this is my Cosmo!
Rhadamanthys: You bastard...
Seiya: Ignite ablaze, explode, my Cosmo!


And I will never stop to stan my country's dubbing. Which is one of the best. It has soul.

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