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I'm Curious! How do you watch anime?


On a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being total attention span devoted to watching anime, rate how much you pay attention to the show you're watching. If you feel the need to categorize based on genre, sub/dub, or anything else please do so.

Personally I would say I operate at a 4 or 5 depending on how engaging the show is. Occasionally I'll throw on a dubbed show and use it as background noise, but I've usually watched the show at least once.

akai_shuichi @akai_shuichi commented on I'm Curious! How do you watch anime?
akai_shuichi @akai_shuichi
Jun 27, 20 at 1:27pm

When I read the title of this thread, the first thing that crossed my mind was this is going to about legal vs illegal streaming xD


I thought this was about if you watch it on your TV, PC, console, phone etc


I was expecting a: "With my eyes." comment.

akai_shuichi @akai_shuichi commented on I'm Curious! How do you watch anime?
akai_shuichi @akai_shuichi
Jun 27, 20 at 1:32pm

It's funny how everyone is talking about everything except the main topic of the thread XD


Yes, I like anime. Was that the question?


Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble!
*Laughing like a sadist*


Hhhmmmm..... If I am interested with the plot I keenly watch it but when things get bored and repetitive, I watch in x2 like that one time in Diamond no Ace, I was like hhhmmm They swing and then they throw and then in between those there are mental and emotional turmoil and it kinda got repetitive for me then after a couple of episodes, I accidentally stopped watching it.


I thought you meant how often.Well it depends on the Title.The last sub I watched was Dance with Devils so any anime with the words devil or vampire in it I'll watch it.If it has a sword in it like Tenjho Tenge I'll watch it.Mainly it has to be action/horror.No slice of life I can't relate to that stuff.I don't like zombies so I would never watch anything weird.And for magical girls it depends on how pretty the cover looks but,I did not like Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Everytime a girl died I had to take a break from watching but,I did finish and I'm not a fan of fan service.I want more reverse harems.


Betwewn 1 and 2. I also turn down non '80s~early 2000s anime, even when they are actually objectively great.

That is because I have a nostalgia towards the time I didn't live. This passed down to fashion, aesthetic and gaming, too.

This makes it harder to binge anime...

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