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Is There A Market For Used Gundam Models


I have a few Gundam models that I assembled awhile back that I was considering selling. I was always curious if anybody buys used gunpla and where I could find people interested?

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Try using ebay. I don't know about Gundam models in particular, but I know people sell assembled and painted wargame miniatures and people buy them and strip the paint to re-paint them themselves.


Hey Project Otakux,

Yep, I sold 3 of my assembled Master Grade kit and 1 of my Perfect Kit on ebay. Some people just want instant instant gratification and not having to worry about the building process. I still have my PG Gundam Unicorn with LED kit to work on one day. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time for that. Now my focuses are on Robot Damshii/Spirits because I don't have to build anything. :D


yes there is but they are sold cheaper

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