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PC Gamers


Anyone game on PC? If so what games do you have and can i play with you


Do you play escape from tarkov?

Jun 25, 20 at 11:17am

not yet but i do have it

Jun 25, 20 at 5:32pm

I have pc, but most people I've met on pc don't want to interact with me.

Jul 08, 20 at 9:49pm

well @the_noctor a lot of people are dicks just gotta find the right ones

Jul 08, 20 at 9:58pm

I like dicks. 8===> ;) Not meanyheads though. I think I'm part of the problem honestly. I'm just so shy it is hard for people talk to me. I guess I never really gave people a chance to interact with me out of fear.

Jul 09, 20 at 1:41am

i like playing with big thick joysticks , oh you talkin bout pc ? nvm lol

Jul 09, 20 at 4:08am

"You must master your joystick!"

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