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FFXV Wholesome moments


FFVII has given us some joy dawg fr... I can't believe they brought it to life like this. Let's remember FFXV though. Favorite wholesome moments of FFXV?or even any of the FF games really


everything in ffxiv, i love it all

May 20, 20 at 1:05am

i liked it in the original version when tifa said this and no i didnt edit this in its an actual thing in the game lmao


@atom_kitty_kat This is what I like to see lol


@maruhentai But WHAT in PARTICULAR. Dawg come on, I need something wholeome in my life rn 0_0

May 20, 20 at 1:19am

@runningonneedles i kno rite? the most wholesome moment


I loved how FFXV really emphasized friendship, loyalty, and teamwork throughout the entire story. And it was cute having a mini quest with one of the party members the following day after camping. I especially enjoyed the one where Noctis helped Ignis get his glasses back from the black chocobo and the other one where Gladio asked Noctis to help him pick out some flowers for his sister Iris. : )

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