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Question about anime in Boston

LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa started Question about anime in Boston
LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa
May 15, 20 at 11:33pm

Hi guys. I decided to make a thread since I didn't really do much on here yesterday after signing up. I was curious a week or so ago so I will ask here. I've never been to a con before and really wanted to go to anime in Boston 2021. I want to meet people, but also enjoy the experience. However, I am wondering if it's going to be cancelled due to the virus going around. Do you guys see the virus lasting til then? Is it possible they can delay the convention til mid/late 2021? I've noticed that it seems like anime in Boston seems to take place in earlier times of the year however I'm not an expert on that.. Either way, hoping I can go. Being 27, not getting any younger and I'll be 28 by next year.


It falls solely on preventative measure that we, as society, adhere to as well as the possibility of the vaccine being released. Personally, I see it being canceled but I can’t really say what’s going to occur within these next few months. Hopefully the latter proves me wrong.

LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa commented on Question about anime in Boston
LilyYazawa @lilyyazawa
May 16, 20 at 2:51am

It's ironic. I was planning to finally get active and meet people. Really wanted to go to this. Assuming it's cancelled, there's always 2022 but definitely wanted to go to the 2021 con. Been wanting to go since 2014 but this is the first time I legitimately was planning to go. Ah well. The world had other plans and all I can hope is I miss 2021, 2022 is that much more exciting.

.... @the_noctor commented on Question about anime in Boston
.... @the_noctor
May 16, 20 at 3:07am

hoping to go to cons in ohio but looks like I'll have to wait for cons in 2021 =/


theres PAX East next year, i go almost every year but it might be cancelled due to this "virus" so you might have to wait until 2022 :(

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