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Whos going to Ohayocon 2021?


I plan on going to Ohayocon 2021. The dates are already posted but pre-reg is still unavailable as of right now. I'm looking for a few cool members of the Otaku race to talk to and chill with at the Convention!

May 13, 20 at 10:14pm

is it in ohio? I'm from northern Ohio.

May 13, 20 at 10:21pm

It is in Columbus Ohio at the greater columbus convention center every year. This year is January 14-17 2021. I'm from south eastern Ohio.

May 13, 20 at 10:25pm

guess i can't complain. my graduation was in colombus. long drive though. Thanks for telling me I'll keep this in mind.

May 13, 20 at 10:27pm

You ever go up to Canton, Ohio for any reason whatsoever?

May 13, 20 at 10:28pm

no. I haven't gone that far south in a long time. I'm by the lake. Canton and Cincinnatti are out of my way.

May 13, 20 at 10:31pm

Ah! I try to go to Canton at least once every 2 months for the Assault Airsoft field out there.

May 13, 20 at 10:33pm

oh. cool. Had no idea Canton did that. We have comic con up here.

May 13, 20 at 10:34pm

yeah they have an indoor arena that I go to and an outdoor arena both owned by the same people! Im like 2 hours away so I don't go as often as I would like to.

May 13, 20 at 10:36pm

nice. i would do airsoft but my vision is really bad. i went to an airplane show once and that was kinda cool. i like the fairs and stuff up here.

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