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Epic Gamer Moments

May 07, 20 at 10:27am

[Game title]

[Details - Difficulty / Level / Equipment or stats / Characters ect ect]

[Insert heroic tale of 300iq]

Hello epic gamers, I found it a rather resplendent idea to make a thread dedicated to sharing cool stories or moments about games you’ve played or have been playing! I’ll probably post some later today when I have free time!!

Try to keep this civil and friendly.

Jo @casaiiiir commented on Epic Gamer Moments
Jo @casaiiiir
May 07, 20 at 10:30am

I t-bagged someone in bf4

May 07, 20 at 10:37am

Halo 3

My gamer tag for original Xbox / Xbox 360 was xXFragXx. Ranked online Free for All

I was nasty with the human grenades, I new the map lay outs well and used the radar to my advantage often. 5 star General decimating 6 others in a free for all everyday for fun

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