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Questions about life in Japan


I know a few of us are currently living or have lived in Japan.

So if you‘re curious about what is like to live in Japan, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

Moving to Japan is a big decision and takes a lot of effort to do so.


Satsuma-san, I have been thinking hard about moving to Japan for a large portion of my life.
It really feels like I have no place in America, and while I can't say other countries wouldn't work for sure, the way Japan romanticizes everything makes me really feel like I could make meaningful connections there.

So I guess what I mean to ask is, are people in Japan very kind and accepting in general? (o・ω・o)


Japan is not 100% completely the same in anime. I wish I could say it was but it’s not. Living and visiting their are also different. However just be mindful that the culture is almost reversed from the west. For example in America it’s frowned if you slurp a bowl whereas in Japan it’s praised showing you enjoyed the meal. Best to read up before moving there


Hey Haruki-san,

Yes, they are very kind and accepting in general. :)

As for making friends and connections, it would be pretty different than back home...unless you meet other foreigners.

It depends on the people you meet and their personality.

Everyone who currently or have lived in Japan have a different story about making friends and connections.


I've never lived in Japan but I've been there a few times (and I was supposed to go again this June but....well, hopefully there is still a chance lol).

And each time I went the locals were super nice and accommodating as well! Some random strangers would try to talk to me in simple Japanese or they would want to practice their English and it was fun!

Never had a bad experience when I went, but of course, it could vary from person to person.


Well, I didn't think it was like anime, of course~
I've read extensively about cultural quirks and customs. This absolutely isnt something I decided to consider on a whim.

But anyway, I'm really glad to hear the general populace is warm..~♡ (。>ω<)
By the time I go, my Japanese will definitely be good enough to manage some conversations, so hopefully interacting with me won't be too jarring for locals.


Never even been to japan.. went right into the work force after college and bought a house recently. Got my passport last year so hopefully some time. Id like to walk around, have a drink and wonder the streets and not have to worry about rona.


I was briefly living in Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku in Yokohama in 2016.

It was very cool and peaceful.

I thought I'd stick out like a sore thumb. I don't have any fashion sense and certainly not any Japanese fashion sense. I thought that'll make me stick out but I guess not.

Everyone assumed I spoke Japanese because why would a brown dude be living in Namamugi? Although I've been told I look ethnically ambiguous.

I got by with my college Japanese.

I plan on checking out Obanazawa in Yamagata. My potential o-hanayome-san lives there.

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