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Whos going to Ohayocon 2021?

May 13, 20 at 10:41pm

You don't need to have good vision as long as you can point the gun down field preferably not at teammates and pull a trigger you are good. There have been many times ive played multiple rounds for 30+minutes with my protective goggles completely fogged over unable to tell a person from a post. at this point i just play it safe and take a position on my side of the field and then just shoot anything that moves across my vision after alerting my team of where ill be and my goal so they alert me before walking in front of me.


oh. i can't promise i won't shoot a teamate. XD I think everyone is on the other team. i mean i played nerf and laser tag, so what do i know.

May 13, 20 at 10:45pm

Thats fine too. normally if you accidentally shoot a teammate out there we dont even count that as being shot and progress as normal. Its really fun. a few of my friends are trying to find a day to get together after this quarantine ends to go.


oh cool.

May 13, 20 at 10:48pm

Yeah Once we get a day set up ill be sure to let you know if you would want to stop out and hang out. All my friends are huge anime fans as well and we all play MTG (Magic the Gathering)!


Thanks. i'll keep that in mind. :)If i'm ever in the area in the future and free I'll let you know. Also, if you ever decide to go to comic con let me know.

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