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MO - Discord

Feb 17, 19 at 8:28pm

Idk how to play the online salem tho! My friend has the actual card game and IT IS SOOOOOOOO much fun. I get so into it. Like I'm super shy and don't talk much in class and then I played that game with some of my classmates at a Haloween party...and they were like WOEIFLSDKHLGKSLRUDJASLKKSDHL WHAT who even are yoU!?!!?! I get hyper and competitive xD

Loss for sleeping?

Neverland commented on MO - Discord
Feb 17, 19 at 11:49pm

Yea, I still play it sometimes and I think it'd be fun to play w/ some people on here. The whole townies vs mafia and the like. I always kind of hated playing the serial killer or mafia b/c the town were usually too good lol. Nowadays my skills have improved and I can play any role.

I've never had the chance to play in real life, but I imagine it would be a blast as you've mentioned Tea lol.

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