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Who has discord

Aug 16, 18 at 11:17am

I have discord ^^

Aug 17, 18 at 5:56pm

i also have discord

Aug 17, 18 at 10:23pm

I do kombawa

⛥∂αяк ℓσℓιтα⛥ commented on Who has discord
⛥∂αяк ℓσℓιтα⛥
Aug 18, 18 at 3:20am

I have discord! I don't mind being added so long as you tell me who you are on here too!c: スモールビーン#7541

Aug 18, 18 at 11:59am

I have a Discord myself and I'm pretty much on it 24/7 (although it's tricky to message and call when I'm out, at work, etc) but I'd much prefer it if we talked on here first for a little bit - then I'd be comfortable sharing my Discord :D

silios commented on Who has discord
Aug 19, 18 at 4:20am

I don't check this site to often, or really talk to anyone on here but feel free to add me Silios#4905

Aug 21, 18 at 6:24pm

I added you Satan. If anyone wants to add me you can. CategoryKing#2803

sephiva commented on Who has discord
Sep 19, 18 at 2:15am

Who doesnt have a discord? lol

nitawori commented on Who has discord
Sep 19, 18 at 6:30am

my discord is CategoryKing#2803 add me if u wanna talk ^.<

Max commented on Who has discord
Sep 19, 18 at 7:16am



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