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Now Who's Excited for Sakura-Con this year? ^_^

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This year Im doing 4 cosplays, saturday is my waifu Rin Tohsaka. Im checking into my hotel in downtown Seattle right now. And then headed to the convention center to pick up my badge. :D


Wow that's amazing, practically speechless. Glamorous.


See you there :)


I look forward to it. ^_^


See yall bright and early in the morning. :)


That is actually pretty cool there. Amazing. ^_^


If you need help looking for me, I'm most likely on the sixth floor playing either Rock Band or Just's good exercise, shut up...

EDIT: Rather, I will be tomorrow morning. If not there, check the autograph line. I'm gonna make a sign that has my username on my cloak.


Well, I am here with Musical Chairs. I am near everything.


A person I know who works there as staff every year invited me to crash at their hotel room, but I don't think I want to go to a con ever again.

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