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Anime Boston

reisenpai66 commented on Anime Boston
Oct 28, 17 at 10:03pm

I've skipped out on AB for years .. it really went down hill since i started going in 2011.. basically after the rave was taken out and especially after the Boston bombing, it just got worse. Colossalcon is my personal favorite. Willing to try and give AB another chance if the band is good next year. Maybe I have a different idea of fun from people ITT. :x

lon_master commented on Anime Boston
Nov 25, 17 at 3:43pm

I enjoyed it a lot this year. There was no hassle getting in and out of the convention in comparison to earlier years, the concerts were a lot of fun, there was decent panel selection. I didn't cosplay this year at all for the first time, but definitely will be next year for my 10th year going.

Nov 29, 17 at 7:17pm

ill be going for my 2nd year in a row except the full 3 days and cosplaying as someone and definitely spending a thousand bucks on my waifu luka

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