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What's your favorite cosplay that you've done?


Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


Picking just one of my cosplays is really hard. I love all of them for different reasons. Some because they were my first others because I wore them with friends. However one that I really enjoy is my Ewan from Sennen meikyuu no nana ouji. No one really knows of this manga but I just love the character. I also struggled the most with getting him together. Unfortunately I don't have a decent picture of him (story of my cosplay career). I bought the wrong wig for him after making him and I broke his belt buckle shortly. So.. its just not been something I've been able to do. If not him I really like my fate zero lancer. Everyone always gets a kick out of him.


Split between Naked Snake and Sakuya. I got so much attention as Snake and got lots of pictures and people told me jokes and stuff, also lots of pockets are part of the cosplay AND A CANTEEN TO CARRY WATER!! Meanwhile Sakuya was very comfy and I felt super cute the entire time. Only a handful of people approached me but they were pretty passionate about Touhou and crossplay and they were very warm people.

Jun 22, 19 at 5:17pm

i think i do a pretty good mega milk


I went to Dreamhack Dallas in May/June. They had cosplay, but the convention was mainly for gaming tournaments. I have not been to an anime convention yet. There will be one happening where I live, but it's not until Fall 2019. I find Samus cosplays that aren't zero-suit cool. I like big, detailed cosplays. Never cosplayed myself. Only thing I own that could bes used for cosplay is a goofy tigrex (Monster Hunter) mask/hat that I bought years ago.

Jul 17, 19 at 2:25pm


So far

Freddie Mercury
Kira Yoshikage


Only rly did miku soooo

Jul 17, 19 at 2:28pm

^ reins miku is best cosplay

Jul 17, 19 at 2:30pm


Oh man completely forgot about that


as a Miku fan I wanna see your cosplay sir Dorito! :3

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