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What's your favorite cosplay that you've done?


If an old halloween getup counts, I think my Superboy back in the day was awesome. Just put on tshirt and jeans :| quite comfy and quick.


@dandamam At least it had pockets right? lol From what I hear that's a big thing for cosplayers


My favorite so far is definitely Saitama. I'm working hard on getting myself in shape try to be Goldov from Rokka. Always the uphill battle :(


Rei, your Saitama cosplay is great! XD


Sorry I couldn't respond faster. Charter must have a death wish taking my anime.


Thank you much!


But no really man amazing Saitama cosplay!


Probably my Recent Quicksilver Cosplay from the MCU i host a cosplay group on instagram with my best friend and its harder than we thought to actually build a fanbase i mean we knew it would be hard but yeesh.

Regardless i will drop a con story so about two years ago maybe three i was one of the first Kaneki Ken Cosplayers in the UK and a tall dude came behind me i was like an ant to him and he said words that scared the life out me "can i borrow you" i said yes and all he wanted was a picture i thought my friends signed me off as a slave to people XD


Haha, that's a greatt story! I have so many weird stories like that, I've thought about doing a panel about them.

Aug 17, 16 at 9:54pm

Sonic The hedgehog Halloween mascot costume took inspiration from reimi gallard.

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