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What's your favorite cosplay that you've done?


I have yet to go to a con and I missed all the ones near me.

I almost have my cosplay ready for next year and I'm really excited about going.

So I wanted to ask what your favorite cosplay that you've done (or plan to do) is.

Con stories would also be fun to read!


I wear my favorite cosplay a lot. Every. Single. Day. It's just so awesome to wear. There's even a version I wear for work. I love dressing up as myself. I'm so awesome. I'm not broke to the point that I can't get any other cosplays or anything. Nope. Not at all. ;~;

And here's a con story for you. One year, I went to every Isabelle (Animal Crossing) cosplay and told them how awesome they are to run my town while I'm away. And that each of them deserves a ton of days off for being awesome. And then I hugged them.


Nice! Me and my friends joke about cosplaying in public but I'm the only one whoever seems to actually want to do it.

And as a New Leaf player that story was awesome.


I've never cosplayed, but if I would, I think the only thing fitting for me would be Sig Curtis from FMA :D Not a lot to work (would only need an apron and brown shirt :P) and I have the height and beard for it (though not the muscles D: )


My favorite cosplays are my LSP cosplay and my Winifred Sanderson I did for a steampunk Hocus Pocus group. I've been doing cosplay for about six years and I host panels and attend cons as much as I can. It's my dream to have someone to do cutesy couple cosplays with. XD


@Freakpanda Sounds cool!


@Cinnamoon That's awesome! I heard you could do a panel of you wanted but didn't know if it was true. Also same dream lol


Yeah, if you're a good public speaker and you can come up with good content, you can definitely host a panel. You just have to submit an application in time. It can be kind of hard to break into bigger cons, though. I started with small, less established cons and worked my way up. I also run one of the largest cosplay groups in the state and I've won some contests so that kinda helps give my name some credibility.


@Cinnamoon That's amazing! I recently developed a passion for cosplay and have been looking at some panels.

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