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Come One, Come All! Skype Group!

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Feb 20, 14 at 11:06am

Group is dead.

Feb 20, 14 at 11:25am

We should listen to sempai! It's a good way to get rid of the area barrier temporarily.

Go ahead and add me on your list of people you need to add!

Skype: Sionxtc

Feb 20, 14 at 12:56pm

Feel free to add me
skype: xlvlookie
sounds interesting lol


You can add me to it.
Skype: shadodemonx9

Feb 21, 14 at 9:22am

Today marks the day that there is another female in the group! YAY!

So far we have Five awesome people in the chat! We would love more!

The more the merrier! Come join us!


my skype name is bejitapower.


but i have no headset right now

Feb 21, 14 at 10:36am

No worries, we didn't have a legit group call yet. We are mainly focusing on typing until we become familiar, and get more people.

Feb 21, 14 at 11:09am

My Skype is live:shinyumi

If that doesn't work, search my email in the search bar.
Which is

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