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Blue Eyes White Dragon

27 year old Male
Last online over 7 years ago
Saarlois, Germany
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Feb 13, 20 at 7:58pm

I summon you in attack mode.
I order you to use white lightning to obliterate dark magician.

Do it. 8(

Dec 01, 14 at 5:56pm

Blue Eyes White Dragon...WHITE LIGHTNING !!! xD


Sorry, hab jetzt erst gemerkt das du Deutsch sprichst haha.


Yo, youre my favourite Dragon in YU Gi OH ahha


I think I love you.

Mar 09, 14 at 4:53pm

I just caught up with the episode in Noragami and so far it was pretty good. Just too bad it isn't finished yet.. I hate to wait for the next episode lol. T__T


Nah, I mean I think nature is beautiful and all, but I'd prefer to live in a place like this. Most things I need are pretty close and there were a lot of places to look for a job. There's some landscape, like there's parks and stuff, But not too much of a yard, and we walk our dogs so...


Hey leave blue eyes white dragon alone. He ain't got time for your problems! He busy! With dragon shit!


Not even D: my university doesn't have a martial arts club and the gym doesn't have any open big spaces (even though I'm out of school this semester) and I live in an apartment in a small city, so I don't have a ton of good outdoor space either :I. I know exactly what you mean with the privacy thing; I feel weird having non-martial artists watching me. Squirrels I wouldn't mind though, they're cute and their brains are very small, so they're probably too busy being afraid of you rather than judging you.