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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]

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Seems people have allergies for the vaccine and there are side effects


That’s the case for all vaccines though. I’m sure the Biontech vaccine will be approved here in Norway any day now. Norway plans on using 3 types of vaccines and to start vaccinating early 2021. We’ll see..


@cero I'm still waiting to hear back about dem Rammstein and Weeknd tickies.

This account has been suspended.

This situation and finding docs to work shows how twisted the health industry has become. Not for all doctors. I'm actually surprised at the amount that seemed excited to want to help in facilities that are covered up with COVID patients. But the ugliest look a doctor can have is when you tell them the going rate which is an exorbitant amount of money and they come back saying it's not enough. I understand the risks involved, I only see a small tiny window inside what it looks like from fast clips they show in the media, but this career and lifestyle is a choice. It's disgusting when it looks like they are only in it for the money. Thankfully in the last week it's only been 1 doc in about 500 that I've contacted. He even offered to send me doctors who would be interested in working for that rate, but only for a referral fee. Like fuck off dude, seriously.


i cant go out and get the homestuck book smh

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