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Apex legends


So who's ur favorite legend and why


Mine's wattson, we just have a connection
And her French talk is cute btw

GameOver @literallgarbage commented on Apex legends
GameOver @literallgarbage
Jan 13, 20 at 9:24pm
This account has been suspended.
Apr 14, 20 at 10:11am

octane :D hes fast

EUGH @shimmy commented on Apex legends
EUGH @shimmy
Apr 22, 20 at 1:09am

RN it's crypto

Apr 22, 20 at 1:15am

I wish I was at least decent at FPS games.

The movement in apex is fun but I can't hit shit lol...and then I didn't want to be a dead weight for random teams


I know how u feel whisp, when im matched with pro/predators i can barely keep up with them, after we...no they win i might get 2 kills if im lucky, they're on double digest

May 02, 20 at 12:48am

I'm playing again for some reason

It's really fun even though I'm trash xd

May 02, 20 at 12:49am

Ditto, will stop once streets of rage 4 is done downloading tho.

xtaichou @xtaichou commented on Apex legends
xtaichou @xtaichou
May 06, 20 at 1:13pm

I play Pathfinder as my main, but excited to try out Loba next week! Plus she's also extra thicc.

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