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MO Family's Discord

proxxyy @proxxyy started MO Family's Discord
proxxyy @proxxyy
Oct 24, 19 at 3:31pm

Opened at the start of 2017. This server was originally named as "Friendly's Family".
This is a server full of lovely and friendly people, so don't be afraid to join us!

- You are required to verify your MO (MaiOtaku) profile on the Discord server.
- There are rules that must be followed to maintain order.

This server features:
- a waifu store
- gambling system
- an XP system
- a verification system


The server started to be more active since I added new moderators, who can help you if I won't be online.
Feel free to join and talk about yourself/anime/manga.

Current status:
- Game nights with Kyle!

Oct 24, 19 at 3:36pm


Oct 24, 19 at 7:36pm

I kinda want to join but im socially awkward.

llemurr @llemurr commented on MO Family's Discord
llemurr @llemurr
Oct 24, 19 at 7:44pm

Just go for it Haku, you can lurk for a while to build up the confidence.


@haku same >.<


I was invited to this thing a few months ago. Lurked around for about 2 weeks, and then stopped coming. I just didn't see neither the charm nor the point. Plus, it's harder to have a meaningful conversation in there with so many different topics being crammed into a single window by dozens of people simultaneously. Such a cluttered and disorganized mess.
Maybe I'm just an old geezer, but I prefer the pace and interface of forums more.

Oct 24, 19 at 7:50pm

@fluffysaber ill do it if you do it

Lotus @sanguine commented on MO Family's Discord
Lotus @sanguine
Oct 25, 19 at 7:18am

I left the server when I noticed how everything was a clique. If you were not a big name on that server like tails or elly or hell even GD 95% of the time you were ignored. I could not start let alone hold a conversation because I was immediately trampled over. The server isn't nice to newer people and you are only recognized if you say something immediately relevant to their topic, then you will be discarded shortly after. It was horrible.


Sounds right. And I am a busy person I cannot answer back to everyone.

Oct 25, 19 at 7:35am

Such is life..

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