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Black desert online

Aug 31, 19 at 7:24am

Does anyone play this game? I was thinking of buying it and i was wondering if it was good or not. Also if you do play it do you have it for ps4? >w> looking for friends to play games with.

Aug 31, 19 at 10:58am

Ye i used to play it, game actually has a pretty decent and fun combat system but you´d be mostly off just busy grinding for levels and crafting stuff

So yeah you need spend alot of time in this game to actually reach the fun stuff there

Aug 31, 19 at 12:08pm

@lilcheat tbh grinding is NOTHING to me at this point. I have put in about 40 hours or so in this game im playing rn and im not even halfway through the game yet. So black desert cant be that bad

Aug 31, 19 at 12:17pm

40 hrs is nothing, i ahve 3.5k hrs and stil ldont have a tet, and the reason to that is i open world pvp too much, you know how much fun and how thrilling it is to kill people in the desert and become a bandit? xD, but overall game is super grindy, but nowadays people can hit 60 in 3 days, heck i hit 1-57 in one day, 58 in the second day! also this game destroys your achievements basically.. so be emotionally prepared when you're playing this game!

Also Panda, once you go BDO, you cant go back, best Combat in all rpg's, possibly graphics too if you have a 10k$ pc, but you cant look at the old MMORPG's combat after looking at this one
Oh and bro have like maybe 5-6k hours and still dont have a PEN :D

Aug 31, 19 at 12:17pm

Well if you´re fine with it you might aswell try it then :v
Ah yeah can pretty much relate to Excaliborg killing with all this grindy stuff it honestly just takes a really long team so you need to be commited to it and yeah killing people randomly there is fun but if you do it too often you build up -karma which then you cant go into any main city since the guards will attack you then and everyone can attack you aswell without getting karma but if you fight bad you just get more bad karma which is such a scuffed part of the game but well you need to grind for hours again to lose all that bad karma

丸喜 拓人 commented on Black desert online
丸喜 拓人
Aug 31, 19 at 12:18pm

I have it on pc and I play it off and on. The combat is definitely what sets it apart from other MMOs, that and the game's world itself. I honestly just enjoy exploring and stuff, the world has so much attention to detail and feels lived in that just exploring is legit fun. The character creation is also probably one of the most detailed systems I've seen in a game ever to be honest.

Aug 31, 19 at 12:35pm

@ex no im not playing on PC it was just released on console so i was thinking about picking it up. Graphics looks amazing tbh, dont know how well it will run on my crappy little gen 1 ps4 but im looking to buy it since its only like $30

Also 40 hours is alot to me XD especially since this isnt an open world game and a story mode focused game lol imagine grinding for a story mode game? Like not even for experience but just to beat ONE BOSS on level 40 of 200

Aug 31, 19 at 12:44pm

i think afk lifeskill works different in console, i think even if your console is shut off it afk lifeskills for you either way.. but hey, i was going to say play Ranger if console, but i think Awakening should be out already, and i cant imagine to play a class of high caliber such as Ranger in a controller, And probably wont as a ninja too (was a past Ranger main, now a Ninja main, i no longer play though)

Aug 31, 19 at 1:29pm

You know, I preordered this when it first came out, reserved my name, but never played it cause my FFXIV addiction is too severe.
I did play with the character creator though.

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