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Any Miraculous Laydybug fans?

Aug 28, 19 at 8:20am

I just wanna talk over it on this topic and meet new friends :)
Anything related to miraculous ladybug (even fanart and video) are welcome here :)

Aug 28, 19 at 12:05pm

Yes! I loveeee that show.

Aug 28, 19 at 4:21pm

wow seem we're like the only ones around here + another guy who actually knows about it T.T

Aug 28, 19 at 5:57pm

It really is quite a cute show and one of my favorites!

Sep 07, 19 at 3:07am

I love it! I ended up binging it after seeing a glimpse of it online

Sep 10, 19 at 9:32am

@bluuenvy wow cool :D

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