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What anime world would you go into and what would you do?


let's have some fun with this lol.
I'm literally stuck on so many anime worlds that i want to be in!
ill let everyone here choose as many worlds as they want! at least have a reason you want to go there :P
i literally have so many it would take forever so ill just list my top favorites:
Re:Zero (Starting Life In Another World) - I want to go here because i really want to confess my love for Rem and literally make her my significant other! she is so adorable! And also go on amazing Adventures! :3

High School DxD: I want to show off and prove to Rias, Akeno, and Koneko that i can be better and stronger than Issei. and maybe win over the three! :3

Boku No Hero Academia: i really want to train under the greatest heroes ever and find my own Quirk! i also want to make friends with Deku, Bakugou, All Might, Orchaco, and more of the group! also maybe win over my Waifu, Himiko Toga by being a "bad boy" ;3

Dragon Ball: to train under great masters such as... Roshi, Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, King Kai, Whis and more. i would try and learn every technique and transformation possible for a Saiyan! i would help the Z-Fighters take down planet, galaxy, and universe level threats!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: I would want to have my own stand that can rival just about anyone! i would definitely want to make friends with Jotaro as well! Dio Brando would be my rival too!

Naruto: I would train under the most well known clans, and legendary Ninjas across the world! maybe even become a user of Sage mode myself! i also would make friends with Naruto, Hinata, Boruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and more! i would freaking love to try out Shadow Clone Jutsu, the Rasengan, and more amazing techniques!

Sword Art Online: I would learn everything i can from Kirito and Asuna! i would help them take down legendary bosses and deadly threats in the game! also would master amazing moves! of course I'd have my own badass outfit and sword!


Just send me to the world of Pokemon. I'd either travel and train, or just get a simple job involving them. Either way, the world would be much more different and there would be so much more joy in my life. Of course, a bonus would be if I was sent with all the Pokemon I trained in my games over the years and have amazing memories with.


World: Junjo Romantica

Because: Misaki needs me... >~>


Idk one where I don't die?


konosuba dat system of lvling is fun xDDD and ofc it's bad shit crazy how the demonlord armee can get owned by some random group with a "useless" goddess xDDD

[Bruce] Weeb with Style commented on What anime world would you go into and what would you do?
[Bruce] Weeb with Style
Aug 19, 19 at 4:49am

I could play cards again terrorist, win then force them to release hostages


Funny how not a single person has mentioned that he wants to steal the MC's waifu


everyone wants the MC's waifus come on man OWO!!!


Pokemon: travel the world and get gym badges to enter the pokemon league


Overlord would be cool: just going in OP as fuck and doing whatever you want. Either that or That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime would be awesome. being able to absorb anything and make its power yours, plus being able to shape shift into anything you want would be awesome.

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