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Super Mario Maker 2 Courses!


Post the course ID of the courses you've uploaded here!

Here's a course I made inspired by Super Castlevania 4:

Have fun sharing and playing everyone's courses~❤


I made another level in case anyone wanted to play. This one's about solving puzzles in the sky~ :3

Don't forget to share your courses as well; I'd love to play other's levels ^^

Aug 21, 19 at 10:32pm

I'm only a player, but I'll definitely give your levels a try next time I stream!

Aug 21, 19 at 10:41pm

I never played a castlevania for more than 5 minutes to appreciate your level rofl

I usually end disliking my own levels because I always end finding all the flaws after uploading, so I'll leave just one.

Rise & fall of the goomba empire


@nataku411 Nice! Send a link when you're going live ^^
@Whisp Super Castlevania IV is my personal favorite; it's also considered much easier then the other games in the series. I end up testing my levels over and over to make sure they're at least alright XD I'll check out your level tomorrow, thanks for the share ^^

Aug 22, 19 at 5:47pm

You can find my link in my bio!, but I'll try to remember


Here's another course~ This one's partially inspired by Gurren Lagann XP I spent all morning making it XD

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