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you will switch back to contemporary WoW Classic


Go play on private servers for 6 months. youll see. Not more than 10% probably more like 2 percent of people who reach max level on server actually make it through MC. They all quit playing. Thats the facts. Its NOSTALGIC to level around 60 again, AND THATS IT. Its fucking boring after that. And everyone. Are IM SORRY BUT YOU ARENT ONE and serious diehard fans. You reading this right now, you are likely to hit at max level in classic WoW Classic and you will switch back to contemporary WoW Classic. Youll see. Your Classic WoW Classic guild will probably be vacant by the time you spend. CLASSIC WoW Classic IS A GIMMICK intended to get you to sub to modern WoW Classic again (they are the exact same subscription). Thats it.

The amount would be quite tiny. I have been playing vanilla a fair bit and getting groups together for dungeons and really doing them is tough enough let alone running into a 4 group operating together that is also dishonest. I really don't think that it will be much of a issue. Adding it could be useful. I had my buddies roll on accident and end up with the loot I was meant to have instances I can remember but never a 4 team rolling through. When the servers are standalone and not crossed, you would recall these people and word spreads fast if it's done a lot.

I'm very curious to learn how many raiding groups there will be. Not only has the core audience gotten older, (and probably have more responsibilities such as rent/mortgages, spouses, kids, jobs, home jobs, etc.. ) but video games, generally speaking, have evolved also. My fear is that we get in and realize exactly how dated these old systems are, is it still fun? Raiding took hours then there is the groundwork. The mechanisms being elderly and with time being brief men and women are going to perform it? 40 individuals seems like too big a number by today's standards. The one saving grace to making this okay, if my fear is true that is, is getting your friends. I can not imagine doing without having them around exactly what I did back. I played for so long, the people are.

Enjoy the movie, personally, I wouldn't head daily Mad Season updates on Vanilla, literally even though there was no upgrade, just using MadSeason rambling on"Member MC falling Tier 2 with placeholder versions? Member getting camped in STV and running back to your corpse only to be murdered again rather than since you were determined to receive a certain amount of EXP that day, getting off? Member IF dueling? Member exploration again, oh! And Dopefish Hyjal ancient movies, Black Morass, Outland, and the simplest the DM Secret.

Speaking of that, MadSeason is there any possibility you can research Vanilla Exploration? Specifically things from series and Dopefish's Exploration? That was always a massive portion of vanilla farming blasted lands to get my epic mount so many better choices, but young me was like hey, it's like 15-35 Silver a kill! To have them release nearly all of them as a letdown, thoughts you Burning Crusade was amazing, everyone recalls walking through the portal site, it had been the expansion imo that is good, Vivendi buyouts GG'd the attunements and more would be to follow.

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