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Let’s discuss Soul Eater


I would really like to discuss Soul Eater with someone

Baka commented on Let’s discuss Soul Eater
Aug 02, 19 at 3:43pm
This account has been suspended.

soul eater best ship

Aug 02, 19 at 3:48pm

I just met Luci Christian who played madusa at anime midwest last month, she was soo nice. And said it was one of her favorite rolls but one of the hardest to get into, because of the personality she had to put on. But the show was sooo good, one of the first anime that got me into anime as a whole.

Aug 02, 19 at 5:19pm

My favorite is Crona of course
He has a certain charm to him that just infatuated me you know

Aug 02, 19 at 5:21pm

Crona is great, a representation of what we all feel inside, shy and lonely, but when he finds friends and gets to be himself he is one of the ones who shines the brightest .

Aug 02, 19 at 6:25pm

Ikr I feel like I can relate the most to him plus he’s just so adorable and the hugging pillow scene melts my heart

Aug 02, 19 at 6:34pm

Always i mean im a guy and even i think he is cute lmao. He just has that hurt puppy feel to him. you just wana take him home and take care of him.

Aug 02, 19 at 11:04pm

I really did ruin Soul Eater for myself by reading the manga first. There's so much cool stuff in that story that was unfortunately cut for what I'd imagine is various reasons.

Aug 03, 19 at 12:40am

I only remember binging it. Loving the first half...and then the ending.....It was too quick and felt like they just wanted to end the anime. Again, don't remember it to well...but to me the ending sucked and ruined the anime for me. Wouldn't mind watching it again at some point tho.

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