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Why!? started FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:03pm

Was having a debate and talking to a friend about Fe3h

I still feel iffy bout the story and some of the characters I just don’t feel anything from them. So far the plot is just fine, and I wish there was more environment interaction and that the choices weren’t just, pick the clearly right choice on all the side stuff. I also see stuff with stat allocations in teaching is gonna take a while, someone will find cheese that isn’t just this unit has these obvious high stats probs should be a heavy knight or this unit has the bonus stars, you should go for that etc.

So far I like the game and I like the monastery’ but there isn’t much to explore and at least you can kinda interact with the npc’s. I guess the game is suppose to pick up once there’s a time skip. 40hrs in or something

Hopefully there’s things that actually matter since it’s marketed for choice as a game and thatthings matter rather then “wow I’m increasing my support which helps me in battle” and then I get 1 of 3 endings, big Woop bs.

Very hesitant in liking this, but at least I’m not bored or am gonna try not to drop it like fates

toritori commented on FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:14pm

With no spoilers: The story absolutely picks up, especially when you beat the game with multiple houses. Choices with characters also pay off really well especially at the time skip

Why!? commented on FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:23pm

Yeah I kinda felt like this beginning is kinda basic set up for everything, cause with how fates was I was just wasn’t in it. Cause I was hoping for good replay ability and not just some new zany dialogue

toritori commented on FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:33pm

yup Fates was just a mess tbh, I regret buying all the paths. This game handles replay ability much better, gonna start my 3rd playthrough as the Blue Lions soon

Baka commented on FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:36pm
This account has been suspended.
toritori commented on FE3H
Jul 28, 19 at 4:41pm

I am a Kingdom Hearts fan also o.o

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