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GDMH39's ภєк๏ קคгค๔เรє


Time has come! My lovely ppls of MO show your love for cat girls/ boys and/or be the cat yourself!
Become part of this ภєк๏ קคгค๔เรє Family!
- show your cat persona (do sth cat like LOL :P) or show love for cat girls/boys

The Order [ภєк๏] it's time!
it‘s time for another squad to rise!!!
We are sinners,
we obey no masters!
We keep to ourself...
but we are sought after!!
We worship nekos
and we will spread the love
all around MO and maybe the world!!!

We are the Order of [ภєк๏]!!!
ภєк๏ קคгค๔เรє is our base !!!
applications in here OwO!!!




Am neko now


UMU max since when are you taken again? :P nyan~

Makoto Haruki @makotoharuki commented on GDMH39's ภєк๏ קคгค๔เรє
Makoto Haruki @makotoharuki
Jul 22, 19 at 12:31pm

yesssss *cat girl powers intensify* I have found my peoole

coyuseo @gojushin commented on GDMH39's ภєк๏ קคгค๔เรє
coyuseo @gojushin
Jul 22, 19 at 12:32pm

Where are your Neko ears then? =^_^=


UmU ma waifu is in here now :P and I turned cat not that I was less a cat before nya~~ :3

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