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Out of curiosity who here has watch boku no pico either by accident or by choice maybe even a dare


poor you xDDD I will never ever shame my animelist with dat xDD


lol only saw the first episode I was innocent that I didn’t even know what it was then


saw it through porn before, i was amazed until the other person whiffed out his dick..


There was once a time that I sought to know about all things anime. That day I learned that some knowledge should remain forbidden. I also learned something else about myself that day...

Charlie, Emperor of Audio
Jul 09, 19 at 2:53pm

Absolutely boring.


Yeah... I was new here and didn't have too many friends. Neet One was my friend and so many people would ask for anime rec's but just say, "What should I watch?"
It annoyed him bc they didn't specify a genre and there are soooo many possibilities. He would say Boku no Pico...he posted it every damn time. So me... thinking okay well he's pretty morally strict and a cool guy... I'll watch this rec he keeps giving....
And so I got punked. I told him about it later xD hah was soooo embarrassed! I don't know if I finished it...but I did keep thinking, well maybe it gets better...and unfortunately watched quite a bit xD

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