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Is German or Japanese science superior?


Two nations that are WELL known around the worl d for their technological advances and prowess.. Personally I find that Germany is perhaps the better of the two when it comes to fictional depictions, Dr. Frankenstein.. Stronheim.. not least in real life like Einstein and Heisenberg of course..

But I am willing to respectfully agree to disagree that Japan's infrastructure like eg trains etc etc is a force to be reckoned with.. and the same in robotics.

I'd like to hear what you maybe thing.. explain your concerns..
Who would win?

May 14, 19 at 11:23am

As I understand from what you have stated. The framing of your question is incorrect or much rather incomplete. The fundamental science is the same everywhere you go. The laws of physics are the same everywhere you go. The laws of chemistry are the same everywhere you go. The laws of Biology are the same everywhere you go. Science is the same in Germany, Japan, USA, France, China and every other nation on Earth.

The technological advances such as trains and robotics is a question of engineering not science. Engineers use math and science to design bridges, engines, cars, computer circuits, robots, etc. On the other hand, science is the study of the physical world through observation and experiments. In other words, "science investigates that which already is; engineers create create that which never has been." You’re technically asking a two-part question:

Does Germany or Japan produce more scientific advancements?


Is German or Japanese engineering superior?

Two separate question that may have separate answers. To answers both questions; I may research some of the following topics:

-scientific proficiencies of students in each nation
-which nation produces more Nobel laureates
-technological advances like in nanotech and whatnot
-which nation has the top ranked universities
-fail rate of German vs Japanese cars

Yada, yada, yada, bla, bla, bla. I’m too lazy to answer more


Hi Tabris Shinobi,

I really must respectfully disagree here.. Many limitations in European scientific fields are stricter than say, China, the U.S and Japan. As a billingual of German heritage, I am biased here.. I WILL admit that. However for example Genetically Modified crops are HUGELY less regulated than within the EU, which allows for these fields.. to indeed flourish.

Indeed the positivist nature of science nad peer reviewing in the pursuit of truth is much the same in most first world countries with the resources.. but then resources are another factor to be consiered! Germany, since its unification in 1871 has notoriously not had the luxury of natural resources as many nations around it did! This is seen in one of the motivations over WW1 and 2, the Alcase region (my family is from from Bavaria) and Alcase is today in France, but contains large coal reserves.

...continuing, this is why Germany developed a good number of advances in Chemistry, if you do not have access to the raw material, understand its elements and makeup.. you see?

Japan is indeed similar in many regards; and hence saw a large electronics boom in the 70s/80s and still when I was but a youth in the US I heard much of this. It's well recorded.
etc etc. HI-TECH = another compensation for lacking resources in ones own nation..

I was also talking about in fiction, but I HAVE to give it to you that you gave a good response here that I will look into. You seem like rather an intelligent man, rare these days, so very welcome!

Apologies for my brevity
My best


I think Japan has better civilian technology while the Germans have better military technology. There's a reason why everyone wants to buy German tanks and German small-arms, while Japanese military tech is only sold to less than a handful of friendly Asian countries. But on the other, have you heard of any German computers or gaming consoles? Me neither...

May 16, 19 at 9:31pm


Makoto Haruki commented on Is German or Japanese science superior?
Makoto Haruki
May 16, 19 at 10:10pm

Science is such a broad topic, I don't think you can say one is better than the other. For example one country may be better in chemistry, another in aerospace, one in physics. It's like comparing a marathon runner to a sprinter, they both run but you can't say one is better.

I think this question is relatively pointless anyway, since most scientific causes extend beyond borders. The ISS is international, as the name states, upon the discovery of the higs boson, Germany didn't take credit for it. Scientists are more focused on finding out the nature of reality than being better than other scientists.


Cero: I really wanted to make that reference too but wasn't sure because it's in the serious talk section. Oh well a little fun is not a bad thing eh ^^'

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