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JJBA vs Fist Of The North Star


Let's face it chief, both are great but perhaps the greatest part is that these two intertwine to create the maximum Y chromosome. The amount of masculinity that sends feminists trembling and turns young boys into men. On the side note I am curious, loving both I would like to know which is actually better aside from the memes and what I mentioned earlier( Please I suck a jokes).

Apr 16, 19 at 1:08am

On a mission to binge watch fist of the north star then report back here

Apr 16, 19 at 11:50pm

Why not both

Apr 19, 19 at 12:14am

Don’t forget to give Legends of the dark king a watch it’s raoh point of view the true savior.


Omae wa mou shinDIOru

Apr 20, 19 at 5:45am

FoTNS is a classic and influenced JJBA heavily, but JJBA is still going strong today, has gotten better with time, and is more influential. Despite FoTNS coming first and being JJBA's spiritual predecessor, Jojo's fairly easily.


@Charlie,does not have DIO in it heres the correct spelling omae wa mou shindeiru


Clearly the joke was lost on you.

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